5 SOPs By Ministry of Works and Transport All Bodas Must Follow

As we all know, today (27th) is when Boda bodas are supposed to resume working as per the last presidential address and the Ministry of Works and Transport has laid out a few guidelines for operation.

Boda Bodas banned from Jinja road, Wandegeya, Lugogo Bypass among ...

The SOPs to be followed below as set by the Ministry of Works and Transport

  1. All Bodas must operate at gazetted Boda stages. Each gazetted stage has a unique reference code and this will be its name.
  2. All Boda Boda operators must be registered at any of the gazetted stages and this shall be their address to enable contact tracing in case of Covid19 infection. Boda Boda operators are free to register at any gazetted stage of their choice.
  3. All Boda Boda App companies and associations shall share the register of all their members (after registering every member to a gazetted stage).
  4. All Boda Bodas who do not operate or belong to the App. Companies/associations shall register with KCCA through their stage leadership. Forms can be downloaded from KCCA website or picked from Ward Administrators at every KCCA Division.
  5. No Boda Boda operator shall pay any fees to anybody to register on any gazetted stage of choice. Anybody soliciting a bribe should be reported to the relevant authorities. 

You can read the full Tweet from Government Citizen Interaction Centre official Twitter Account.

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