PROOF: This Texas Attorney who was His Lawyer Says George Floyd Died 3 Years Ago!!

The latest news we have received is that this Texas attorney who was his lawyer just claimed that the real George Floyd died 3 years ago!!

Timothy D. Japhet Facebook Photo

The conspiracy theorists have began digging up info debunking the death of George Floyd and now this Attorney just added his story to the equation.

Timothy D. Japhet, a lawyer from my home town of Corpus, represented George Floyd as his gaurdian ad litem back in 2016. The George Floyd he represented played football for Texas A&I in Kingsville (just south of Corpus) before the school became part of the Texas A&M system!

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We came across one of his Facebook posts where he claims George Floyd died 3 years ago , the original post now seems deleted either by Facebook or Timothy himself!!

So folks, this is the saved post where he states his claims.

We checked his Facebook page and he seems to be posting a lot of his dissatisfaction with the way media is covering George Floyd’s death and riots!

So what do you think about these claims???

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